Tuesday, 20 July 2010

World Championship 60 Second Interview With F1 Boss, Eddie Jordan

Welcome to the world championships! What brings you down to Manchester on this rainy afternoon?
Well first of all it’s just so nice to see so many people have so much fun, camaraderie and just enjoy the sport. Obviously our son he lives in Ireland, and at University he picked up this crazy sport called lacrosse. We were kind of confused to what the rules were like, and then he suddenly got himself on the Irish team, which was great.

That’s fantastic! How long has your son been on the squad?
Actually his teacher from school has just arrived which completely took me by surprise, and he’s an Aussie who brought the sport to the school. He started playing the sport at university in Dublin, kept at it and he’s still at it and is enjoying his time playing with Ireland.

Do you travel to lacrosse events often, or is this a first for you?
This is my one and only event so far, but there has been all sorts of different things where I have wanted to see him before and it just didn’t happen and I had to do something else. And actually it’s different seeing him so serious, cos you naturally have to be serious about sport, but I’m really quite enjoying myself its great.

I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, do you think you might make this a regular thing then?
Well we are going to stay tomorrow hopefully, he’ll have a good game, and we’ll have a few pints tonight and he can tell me some stories of what been going on. Obviously I can’t stay much longer which is a pity, as we have the German grand prix this weekend but my kids are all here and they are having fun.

Have you travelled far to get here today?
We played golf this morning we were playing in Sunningdale where my wife is this years coming captain. So we sort of had to be well behaved on the golf course before I could come up here, which was fine, it was an easy drive and everyone was happy.

That’s great! And finally for the golfer out there.. What’s your handicap?
Well I play off 12 and she’s 5 so I have to give her a lot, but we were partners today and we won, which was a result, let’s hope Ireland have the same result today!

Thank you very much Eddie.

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