Saturday, 24 July 2010

Round Up

France 10 Argentina 8 – Russell Atkinson, a 16-year-old who is one of the youngest players in FIL competition, smoked the Argentine defence with a 3, 4a performance in the 27/28 place game.

Austria 9 Hong Kong 8 – Hong Kong struck first, but a 5-1 run in the second quarter put the 21/22 place game firmly in Austria’s hands. Hong Kong rallied to make the game competitive and keeper Yu Kwan Tin made 20 stops, but a key insurance goal by Klaus Hauer (3g) in the fourth quarter gave Austria the win.

Korea 12 Denmark 10 – The Danish defense had no answer for Hunyoung Lee who exploded with 7 goals in the 25/26 place game.

Slovakia 12 Bermuda 7 – Team captain Martin Kramar led Slovakia to a in the 17/18 game with 2g and 2a. David Washbo also had a hat trick for the Slovakians.

Italy 13 Latvia 8 – Latvia’s Gatis Zeps put up a cracking 7g, but with a balanced attack led by Tim Fuchs (4g, 2a) gave Italy a win in the 19/20 place game.

New Zealand 23 Spain 4 – Espana just couldn’t stop Andrew Clayton (5g, 4a) in the Kiwis’ romping win in the 15/16 place game.

Czech Republic 21 Poland 3 – Nine players got on the board for the Czechs, led by Brian Hubschman (4g, 3a) and Chet Koneczny (4g, 3a) in the 13/14 place game.

Ireland 15 Sweden 8 – The Swedes rallied late, scoring five in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough to catch Ireland in the 9/10 place game.

Wales 10 Finland 5 – Jamie Gallagher led the Welsh with a hat trick in the 11/12 place game.

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