Sunday, 18 July 2010

Mad Monday’s big match!!

This battle will showcase the differences between the amateur and professional game. A lot of people expect England to be beaten comprehensively, due to their amateur status. Lack of funding in the UK game, means these players; as most do in the tournament; must work full time jobs and commit to their training. All of the US players hold a professional status.

There are other significant differences between the shared game. The USA players have played through an outstanding national, collegiate athletics programs, where as the English players will have played club lacrosse.

The styles of lacrosse played by the two nations are very different. The US players have a more fast paced approach to the game, as in the professional league they play against a shot clock.

This game will be a great demonstration of how strong Lacrosse can become when given the opportunity. You can encourage this development with continued support for all the nations here at the world championships.

England have never beaten the USA in a world championship match. With grit in between their teeth after there recent over time loss to the Aussies can they restore national pride and hold their own?

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