Sunday, 18 July 2010

Interview with Chris Sanderson, Canadas No 1 Goalie

Q1. Another big game again for you guy’s tonight! How are you feeling coming off the back of 3 wins?
“Its great, you want to get better every game, and I feel like we are progressing. We are starting to have a better comprehension of our systems, and guys are more comfortable playing with each other, and I think tonight is another big step in our journey of what we want to accomplish here.”

Q2. When you were playing against the USA the support you guys got from the crowd was just phenomenal, how does that affect your performance?
“Yeah its great, we find that as apposed to some of the other countries, we go out of our way to say hello to people in the village and we support the other teams and we see that come back to us and that has always been the way with Canada. We only have a small group of hands here but when you add everybody in and you hear the chanting in the different accents its definitely motivating for us.”

Q3. Did you feel the contrast tonight, where the crowd seemed to be very much on Australia's side?
“Yeah, I think the the Australian fans are having a lot of fun out there. We knew coming in to this thing that they travel really well and its a great thing. We always see them in the beer garden after the matches and their fans are very knowledgeable of the game and also very respectful of us. Its great to see that they get that level of support.”

Q4. Well I think that what seems to be so special about this championship. It’s really demonstrating the spirit of the game well.
“Yeah it really does, and i think that is what this is all about. This is a great opportunity for people to come together and celebrate the game, I mean obviously we are competing for the championship but what most people take away from this isn’t about the wins and losses, its about making new friends and growing the game.”

Q5. Looking in to the future... You have Germany tomorrow, England on tuesday. People expect you to win these games, but is there anything in particular to prepare for these types of matches?
“Yeah i mean fortunately as you move on through the tournament you gain more information about the teams. So tonight we will be back in the dorms by 10 o’clock and the coaches will have already prepared a report. We’ll sit down with it and we’ll look at some film of the other teams and we’ll get ready for England and Germany. Then we will also spend some time reviewing what we did today and that will usually go a lot further than scanning other team because if we can fix and control what we are doing then i think we will be in pretty good shape.”

Q6. Now, a few of the England lads are racking up some good points. Gosney and Benett both with seven goals each. How do you fancy your chances of shutting them out on Tuesday?
“Like i say we will do some game planning the night before we play, and we have some pretty good defenseman and hopefully we can match up with them. Like you said, those guy’s are having a pretty good tournament so we don’t expect to shut them out but you just hope you can limit the damage that they can do.”

Q7. Any final thing you want to say to the readers?
“Yeah! Cheer for Canada!!”

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