Sunday, 18 July 2010

Japan Vs Germany 17th July

Germany took an early lead in what was seen by many as, ‘the match to prove them selves worthy of there newly acquired blue division place’. 3 minute of possession saw them go 3 nil up.

Japan fought back, but couldn’t do enough to reach level position by the end of the first quarter. A thrilling first quarter and a hat trick form Germany’s No 2 gave germany them advantage fishing the first 20 minutes at 6 -3.

in the second quarter Japan’s fighting sprite shined through, a few scrambles in front of the cage allowed them to claw their way back to 6 -5.

The showmanship shined through late in the second, with an air gait from German attack man Hendrik du Bois-Reymond.

Germany showed discipline working the ball around the cage, then with a quick change of place and quick release meant germany kept the lead going in to the 3rd.

Japan came level to 8-8 by the end of the half and were looking strong on the right side of the field breaking from defense several times.

An exciting, high tempo match, up and down the pitch put both sides through their paces, eventually ended by Lazarus Gregory with a fantastic riser in to the top right corner.

Their lead was not held for long. Japans Ikegawa Ken scored the equalizer with 10 seconds left in the 3rd quarter.

Entering the final period Japan took the lead for the first time, from this point the Japanese excellent fitness and experience in the blue division from past championships became obvious taking the game in to their control, beating the German side 15 - 9.

A gripping spectators match!!

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